Tender Announcement:

Statia Utility Company N.V. (STUCO) has recently established a 1,89 MWp solar park with a 571 kWh storage facility for providing grid stability, and a power management system to balance demand with conventional and renewable supply

STUCO intends to extend its current power system on the short term with extra solar capacity and storage in order to further decrease the fuel costs of power production.

STUCO invites all interested parties to place an offer in the tender process for:

The right to Engineer, Purchase and Construct a Solar Park in Sint Eustatius with a guaranteed output of 3,2 GWh, in combination with a storage facility for energy-shifting and a power management system that co-operates with the current power system.

In order to obtain the Request for Proposal (RFP) interested parties must:

  1. Pay a RFP request fee of USD 3,000;
  2. Sign the Non‐Disclosure Agreement; and
  3. Submit proof of payment and signed Non‐Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to STUCO in the period listed below.

The RFP’s of the tender process will be available for interested parties who have submitted a proof of payment and a signed NDA, electronically in PDF format before June 3rd 2015. Further information as well as payment details and the Non-Disclosure Agreement is available on request via info@stucoeux.com.