Ways to pay my bill

For Online Payment

Bank: MCB-Bonaire
Address: Korthalsweg 6
St. Eustatius, Dutch Caribbean


Online payments are made using your internet banking from your local bank. 


When making payment please include your contract account number, meter number, location number, and/or your invoice number. Please ensure that your bill is paid on time to avoid late charges and disconnection fees. 


Ensure you are paying the correct bill, if you are not sure please contact the office at 318-2229 or by Email: Once your payment has been processed, your E- Receipt will be emailed to you as confirmation of your payment, if you have an email address assigned with us.

Understanding My Bill

STUCO hereby addresses the general public in consultation with ACM the following fees went into effect as of July 2017.

Electricity & Water Services

After the due date has expired a late fee of $ 3.00 will be added to the outstanding balanced owed. After meter disconnected order is generated disconnection fee of $ 40.00 will be added to the total outstanding owed for all invoices over $ 40.00.

The tables below will show you the old and new rates for water and electricity and also the same rates from A.C.M. (authority consumer market). 

Please note, the subsidized fixed tariff (base rate) for drinking water is USD $6,85 and the variable tariff is USD $8.619 per m3/1000 liters.