About Us

Our Vision

To provide higher quality and more reliable utility services by focusing on innovative and effective developments.

Our Mission

STUCO commits to deliver reliable utility services, embracing innovation and technology by empowering our team, while utilizing our natural resources to enhance customer experience.



After earning a Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of the Netherlands Antilles in Curacao, Cuvalay began his career at NV GEBE St. Maarten in 1991.  Five months later, he was promoted to lead the electrical department – which he did until 1994. Cuvalay was then transferred to his homeland, St. Eustatius, to manage the local NV GEBE operations – until December 2013 when the company was dissolved.

In 2014, STUCO, a water and electricity company, emerged. Cuvalay was appointed interim Managing Director, and later, in July of 2015 became its CEO. Under his leadership, electricity demand has quadrupled and in efforts to become a sustainable company, he led the implementation of the most advanced solar project in the region in 2017, which continues to function optimally today. STUCO continues to see a similar demand for drinking water connections. 

As an industry veteran of 28 years, Cuvalay is passionate about taking continuous steps toward innovative solutions that promote sustainability as he serves the community of Statia.

Electricity Production & Distribution

STUCO utilizes the 127/220 Volt, 60Hz standard — common in North America — and supplies electricity from the power plant in Gallows Bay with alternating current (AC) at a frequency of 60Hz.
The voltage in the low voltage system is:

The voltage in the high voltage system amounts to nominally 12,600 Volt between the phases.
Recent investment into a solar park have expanded STUCO’s generation capacity in 2016 and another in 2017. The price of electricity depends on a fixed and variable electricity distribution tariff and KVA.

Electricity is supplied as alternating current (AC) at a frequency of 60Hz.

The existing electrical distribution system on St. Eustatius consists of 12.6-kV. Electricity is transmitted via 12 to 24-kV underground cables to the island via transformer houses throughout the island. In the transformer houses the 12.6-kV current is transformed into 127/220 Volt and transported at this voltage to homes and businesses.

Here in Statia, the transmission grid is the distribution grid. Recent investments have been made to put more high voltage cables underground. This makes the high voltage cables hurricane resilient and enables STUCO to restore power sooner after a storm or hurricane.