Water Journey

Water Distribution & Testing

STUCO is responsible for producing and distributing water for the entire community of Statia.

To achieve this, seawater is first collected into two strategically placed wells that are approximately 80-feet deep. We then begin the process to refine the saltwater using reverse osmosis, and as a result, can provide high quality drinking water.

The safety of our consumers is our highest priority, and as such we test the water weekly using an independent, third-party company in St. Maarten – SLS Lab. Our water production operation has been growing steadily over the past few years. Since acquiring responsibility of water production and distribution in 2013, we have seen tremendous growth – from 20 customers to now surpassing 1,000 water connection customers.

To stay ahead of demand, we are continuously expanding our operations – in 2020 we added a 500 cubic meter per day water plant including an additional storage tank with a capacity of 4000m3 and a new 2.3-kilometer water transport plant. Plus, we’ve recently added a new 100-foot deep well.

Getting connected to STUCO’s water supply is easy, affordable and ensures that you and your family will always have safe, clean drinking water.